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Bigger Spend = Quicker Growth?

I often wondered what makes certain companies grow faster than others. What makes a company like Tesla, for example, overtake established market leaders like General motors, or the European or Japanese car makers. Those car-makers have been showing steady Year-On-Year growth, over more the 100 years, yet Tesla is catching up to them, currently being in the top 5 list of automakers by market cap. I’ve read many research documents, excellent books such as Jim Collins’ Good To Great & Built To Last, and other research based books to try and answer that question. Read more

6 Essential elements of a Kickstarter campaign

I had a unique opportunity, when I was contacted by Judy (not her real name), an entrepreneur who was running a Kickstarter campaign, and wasn’t happy with the take-up and support she was getting.

I would assume that most entrepreneurs who have launched a crowd funding campaign on either Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any other crowdfunding platform, are likely to face similar challenges. Digging a little into the Kickstarter stats, here’s what I’ve found:

2 out of 3 projects on Kickstarter are unsuccessful. Only 36% of projects actually get off the ground.  The project Judy had launched, was in the Fashion category, which is even harder to fund, with less than a quarter of projects get funded (24.14%).

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A blueprint for managing a social media crisis

Let’s put things in perspective: we’ve all heard about social media crises, and what companies need to do to prevent them. However, if we look at the definition of a crisis:

Crisis – a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger, 

we need to be careful NOT to create storms in teacups.

Not every negative comment on a company Facebook page, or an abusive tweet, as horrible as it might be to be on the receiving end, equates to a crisis. PR professionals will tell you there are numerous ways to deal with public comments, but the first decision you need to make is quite simple: to respond, or not to respond.

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Ever stepped on a Lego in the dark?

Bonus – theres a hidden link in the text below, with a useful surprise.. try it!

Imagine –  you wake up in the middle of the night, urging for the bathroom. It’s dark, but you won’t put the lights on, as everyone is sleeping, and you don’t wish to wake them up. Although you’re certain you know the way, as you’ve gone there many times before, finding your way in the dark isn’t as easy as you thought: That wall on the right is wayyy closer than it used to be; there’s one more step in the staircase, that you’ve forgotten about; and who the [explicit language] left that Nerf gun leaning on the doorway?? How can there be so many surprises  on such a short and familiar trip? Read more

What’s involved in crafting a Social Media Policy?

Originally published on T2Consult Blog

A survey undertaken by Deloitte Touche LLP in the USA in April 2009 showed that:

  • 74% of surveyed employees say it’s EASY to damage a company’s reputation on social media
  • However only 22% of companies surveyed have formal social media policies
  • 61% of employees said that, even if their employers were monitoring their social networking sites, they wouldn’t change what they were doing online
  • 49% said a company policy wouldn’t change how they behave online.

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Why you shouldn’t create a marketing strategy

A world-class marketing strategy creates very little value. The value is created when you implement that strategy #outsourcedCMO

Strategic plans are a waste of time, and money. Consultants and executives all over the world, work tirelessly with CEO’s and boards, to create a strategic direction for the company to follow. Depending on the scope, that project can include an offsite or two, many hours of meetings and discussions, and an email trail, which when printed, could kill a small forest. Read more

Tooting ones’ horn – LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index

There’ve been a lot of talk recently about LinkedIn’s newest feature – Linkedin SSI (Social Selling Index). When you click on that link, while you’re signed in to your Linkedin account, Linkedin will analyse your engagement with the platform, and will give you a score from 1-100, comparing how you use Linkedin to your network, and other people in the industry. Read more

Defining A USP In 3 Simple Steps


In a world where’s so much sameness, there has to be a way to make yourself, or your company, stand out. There has to be a way to let people know what is special about you, your company, your products, or the market you’re part of.

Defining a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a fun and valuable exercise, for new companies as well as established ones, new or existing products, and should be refined and tailored when considering new markets, designing a new product range, or new service area. Read more

The Truth About Blogging

Blogging is something most people never try. Of the people who do give it a go, I suspect most of them believe no-one reads their musings.


I’m certainly one of those people. I’ve never obsessed about my personal blog’s traffic, never tried boosting readership, or advertising anything on it. I blogged whenever I felt like I had something to share, something I believed to be of value to my imaginary readers. Read more

Foursquare – a lesson in app evolution

I don’t normally get attached to things. Especially virtual, non tangible things. But when you’ve accumulated things over the course of a few years, it’s kinda sad to have those intangibles being taken away from you…

Back in 2009 I’ve joined Foursquare. I didn’t really know what it was, or what to do with it, but I was very excited to check into places, and get acknowledged for amassing “check-ins” by getting those silly badges. It was the “surprise and delight” effect that worked wonders on me. Don’t know why, but it was getting addictive, and helped me persevered for as long as I have… Read more


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