November 30, 2015 Raz Chorev

Ever stepped on a Lego in the dark?

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Bonus – theres a hidden link in the text below, with a useful surprise.. try it!

Imagine –  you wake up in the middle of the night, urging for the bathroom. It’s dark, but you won’t put the lights on, as everyone is sleeping, and you don’t wish to wake them up. Although you’re certain you know the way, as you’ve gone there many times before, finding your way in the dark isn’t as easy as you thought: That wall on the right is wayyy closer than it used to be; there’s one more step in the staircase, that you’ve forgotten about; and who the [explicit language] left that Nerf gun leaning on the doorway?? How can there be so many surprises  on such a short and familiar trip?

On all commercial aircrafts, there are emergency lights guiding you to the nearest exit (or bathroom, for other emergencies). At home, most of us don’t have those.. At work, we tend to waddle around in the dark, way too often. We think we know the way, but those “unforeseen” objects somehow manage to surprise us along the way. Deadlines seem to be closer than we thought they were, and we tend to react to those obstacles, rather than avoid them…

Is it THAT time of year?

It’s the end of November. Realistically, we only have 2-3 weeks before the end of the year, and then we take a much deserved break. But wouldn’t you like to have 2016 a little less of an obstacle course, and more of a smooth sailing? We all know what we need to do, but we seldom do it.

For me, over the past few years, December was a month of reflection, and planning. Reflection on the past year, the activities I initiated, or participated in. I look back and see the proportion of reactive Vs. proactive activities. I can’t say that I’m always thrilled with my reflections, but it does help me plan for the next year.  It’s amazing what you get done when you have a clear plan, a clear direction. When you’re proactive, not reactive. And it’s a great feeling of accomplishment, when you achieve more by being proactive.

Many business owners will wind down the year, and go on the much deserved break. Sometime in the middle of January they’ll come back, and the same cycle continues… By definition, if you think that you’ll get different result by doing the same thing over and over again, you’re insane!

Are you insane?

How about you take your break, but use it to plan for the next year?  What different result do you want? What would you do differently? Do you want to bounce off some ideas? Comment below, or reach out!

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