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3 Reasons Why @Klout Matters In Your Social Media Success

A guest blog post by Robert M. Caruso , Founder/CEO – Bundle Post – Single Dad,Friend,Geek.  Robert tweets about PDX, Social Media, Marketing, Mobile, Tech. He loved gadgets, tech and social Media. 

Is there anything perfect in this world? Not so much. We know nothing is perfect within social media either, however good enough sometimes has a role in how we do things in life and business. In my humble opinion, Klout is a good example of this.

Since social media took off, the measure of how well one was doing was often judged by number of fans, followers and friends, outside of limited click tracking and assumed ROI metrics. These are all good, but there was nothing that really measured how social a person or brand really was. How well they were engaging with their audience or leading on various topics.

Though I have no dog in this hunt (I am not an investor in Klout nor am I being paid for my views), I do believe that their technology fills an important gap within the social graph. Perfect, no. Evolving relevance to everyone, I think yes.

Here are three reasons what Klout and your Klout score should matter to you and others you connect with:

1) The most accepted and integrated measurement tool available.  It’s integrated into HootSuite and various other tools already and will only continue to be adopted as the default measurement.

2) It combines someone’s Twitter, Facebook and soon Linkedin Presence to establish their score. This alone is an exceptional advantage. Crossing both of the major platforms and combining the data separates the tinkerers from the real social media players.

3) It gives people an “IDEA” of how active and relevant you are, and the social content topics you most cover. I check most of my new followers Klout score in HootSuite.  I check everyone’s bio that engages with me, including their Klout score. It gives me a very good idea of who they are and how they use their social media account. It does influence how I engage with them as well.

My Klout Score

My recommendations:

DO: Keep an eye on your score. More importantly the details surrounding your score to get an idea of where you are doing well and how you can improve. Engage, share and build relationships. This will not only improve your score, but most importantly, your social media effectiveness.

DON’T: Manage your social media marketing efforts based on your Klout score. Like anything, you can find behaviors that may improve your score, but will not improve your social media effectiveness. So don’t do it!

Again, nothing is perfect, we all know this. But be aware that Klout will not be going away and you need to understand the technology and take steps to utlize it in your daily activities if you truly want to make social media marketing effective.

Follow Robert Caruso on http://twitter.com/fondalo, Connect with him on http://about.me/robertcaruso.

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