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A Twist on the ‘Top Ten’ List: Social Media Tips for the CEO

by Eve Mayer Orsburn | @LinkedInQueen

Although the media and culture are toting social media almost to a point of ad nausea; as a CEO, I am constantly meeting with fellow executives who are still drifting around in a sort of mindless fog when it comes to social media. I’m a big fan of the David Letterman ‘Top Ten List’ tradition – so the other day in response to a colleague’s cry for help, I put pen to paper (or rather keyboard to screen) and wrote out my ‘Top Ten Social Media Tips for CEOs’.  See below.

Ten is a pretty limiting number when you think about it, so if there’s a tip I glossed over send it to me and we’ll add it to the growing list.  Feel free to connect with me online at either Twitter.com/LinkedInQueen or at LinkedIn.com/in/EveMayerOrsburn.  Happy Reading friends!

#10 The Rule of 10: 10 people = 10,000 people
The old idea rings just as true in the online space as it does in real life.  When you know 10 people you know 10,000 people.  Build a strong social media plan around the idea that a solid reputation will resonate to the masses.

#9 ROR > ROI (sometimes)
When setting goals and designing your social media campaign, benchmarks must of course note how to track a report that cites where a Return on Investment is occurring.  The ROI often drowns out and fails to consider the equally important idea of Return on Relationships.  Do not overlook this valuable part of social media.

#8 Good Design & Good Content go hand in hand
It can’t be any easier than that.  Use quality graphics, make things easy to find/navigate through, monetize vanity URLs like Facebook.com/YourBrandNameHere, and incorporate welcoming visuals to support terrific content.  People enjoy browsing and spending time with something that’s pretty.

#7 Show some Stats (but not too many)
Big numbers don’t necessarily mean big things all the time. For example, it’s an overstated fact to share that ‘if Facebook were a country, it’d be the 3rd largest country in the world,’ no one cares. Instead of dishing out typical fast facts citing XYZ demographics report, throw in useful figures about ‘user’ patterns (when do they get online most frequently), how many hours does an active user spend on the platform, etc. Now those are stats someone should stew over.

#6 Show Humor on Tasteful Occasion
Everyone likes a good joke and chuckle at the right moment with good timing.  But when a bad joke hits the conversation, you might as well assume that the bar has just started serving up free cocktails, the way people scattered and fled from your witty repartee.  Occasional humor – yes.  Tasteful, occasional humor – even better.

#5 Put Power in Your Profile
In today’s media landscape, your social network profiles (especially your LinkedIn profile) serve as a sort of ‘digital business card.’  Would you hand out a dinky, home printed, scissor cut card when attending a network function for leads?  Didn’t think so.  Put power behind your profiles, fill them out completely, maintain the information you’re posting and share access with care.  Certain folks may have a tendency to tag unflattering pictures from an ugly break up 9 years ago.

#4 A.V. = Audio/Visual = Active Voice
In the world, certain things come together and make everything better… yin & yang, peanut butter & chocolate, oreos & milk, audio & visual content (aka YouTube clips). Videos are a great way to give an inanimate noun (aka your product/service/brand) a rather endearing human capacity.  When your brand speaks in an active voice on social media effectively, people tend to listen and relate more.

#3 Prepare to Make an Impact
Your social media presence should make an impact at every point when connecting with the target audience.  Maybe it starts with a tweet, then turns into a ‘Wall Post’, or later a LinkedIn invitation, or a shout out from a blog.  Your social media presence should leave an impact and the conversation between these two parties should continue if it does.

#2 Don’t Try to Control. Influence.
Social media comes with a pitfall; there are millions upon millions of terabytes containing information spewing into the online space every moment of every day. Even scarier is that it’s only increasing, as are the ways to collect this information. Therefore it is a fruitless effort to try and control how social media affects the concerning brand. Your best step is to influence by creating relationships with the target audience, offer quality conversation, and only then can you offer a suggestion in referencing the product.

#1 Accurate & Efficient Answers Earn Attention
People dig good service and they always have.  Ironically, it doesn’t take that much to make us feel like we’re on top of the world and won the lottery.  As customer service is a huge trend riding along side social media – it’s also the place where customers are singing the praises and pitfalls about things in their life.  Go there and answer their questions, pacify complaints, get feedback on new ideas.  Your customers would probably love to chat with you.  It’s that simple.


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