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Blowing your own horn – it is good for business?

What do you ACTUALLY have to say?

What do you ACTUALLY have to say?

Today I read yet another article by an SEO expert, about the importance of brand and networking (this is the actual title!).

Let’s get something straight:

PR don’t create brands. PR promote brands.

Some Personal Brand examples:

Richard Branson – after over 40 years of diligent and hard work, Sir Branson is someone to look up to in the personal branding area. He has DONE a lot to get there – the publicity came afterwards.

Michael Jackson – became a household name (during and) after decades of hard work, producing original music, dance moves, and facial attributes. The publicity came with it!

It’s seems like there is a trend going on, of people wanting to have their 15 minutes of fame (Andy Warhol‘s prediction comes true),  and blowing a bubble around them, saying – Look at me! I’m now famous (for being famous)!

There is no real substance behind it. People just want to be known. Not for anything in particular – just attention seeking.

Look at programs like “the Million Dollar Expert” for example.

During these intensive 2 days, you will…………

(You’ll notice, I’ve copied this word for word from Thought Leaders website. I didn’t edit it at all. click to see it with your own eyes.)

Point number 4 (!) touches the substance behind the expert. Doesn’t matter if you are a real expert. We’ll just position you as one. Doen’t matter if you know your stuff. We’ll help you find an angle, and milk it!

This is PR at it’s worst! Creating a bubble around someone, who knows a bit about something, and making others believe this is a real expert. Let others challenge “the million dollar expert”, rather than nominate them!

I was invited by a real thought Leader, Craig Rispin, to participate in a mentoring session he lead, with wannabe’s Though Leaders. “Leaders” who follow (!) the thought leaders, in order to become Thought Leaders. One of them was bragging about producing a 10,000 words white paper. I asked him – who is going to read your 10,000 word white-paper (report)? and he calmly replied: “No one”. “So what’s the point in producing such report?” I asked. To my amazement he replied: ” So I can say I have “.

This is what bugs me. No real meaning behind these actions. No real contribution. This is attention seeking, by wanna be leaders. Pretty much like your average politician. Self promotion for the sake of it. And the worst thing about it? They are using tactics borrowed by people who have really done something inspiring. Real leaders – with actions and not only thoughts. People like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, and the like.

This isn’t thought leadership, and these aren’t real leaders. These people are self promoters, seeking for their 15 minutes of fame. Online social networks have given the masses the opportunity to be known. Not for anything in particular. Just Known.

That’s why you’ll notice Tweeple (Tweeterers) telling you about their daily routine (“I had this for lunch”, “I vomited this after dinner”), people who update their facebook and myspace pages frequently, because it is “good for SEO”. Nothing interesting – just garbage.

Grow up, people! Your mother told you: “It’s better to be silent and considered dumb, than opening your mouth and  prove it.” Always listen to your mom. She knows what’s best for you.

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