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Cheap, Fast, and great quality – Can’t be done??

I used to think so. I also remember the signs at my mechanic, asking me to choose two – can’t have all three.

Today, I was so blown away by my experience, I had to share it! (remember viral marketing from my last post?).

Briefly – my ADSL router at home is giving me trouble. I needed a new one. I call my IT expert: “Geoff – what should I get?” Geoff went to check with his geeky forums, to see what his friends use and recommend. We find the model number, and shop for the cheapest price on www.shopbot.com.au.

We find the cheapest was at JMG Technology (www.jmgtechnology.com.au ). Geoff added: “I’ve dealt with them before, if you order online before 4pm, you’ll have it delivered to you the next day”. Sounds good.

I jump on the website, fill in a short registration form, and one thing “jumps” at me: there is a comment box, allows me to leave delivery instructions. “This is cool” I thought. I don’t come across this comment box very often….

Long story short – on the bottom of the confirmation page, there is a little remark “shipping…..1-3 days. to speed things up just email screenshot of your online payment….”

I did!

Within minutes, I get the auto response, and a minute later, Jason emails me, asking me something about my delivery instructions. WOW – this is quick service! 5 minutes later – shipping is confirmed!

In a world where people complain about slow service, high prices, and crap products (any combination or all three), I felt the need to present the Flower in the Thorn field.

Well done – JMG Technology – Keep up the good work!

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  • Nick

    I have had the pleasure to deal with Jason over the last few years. Quick, cheap and reliable are three words that I have no problem using to describe JMG’s service.

    Good to see someone else agrees :)



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