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Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Media

Not very often I come across an advertising campaign which has most of the ingredients I’m looking for in a good campaign. Most campaigns we see on daily basis are self-indulging, either for the company, or for the ad agency. Either screaming: “Look at us, we make great widgets!” or “look at this campaign, we are very creative, and might even win an award for our creativity”. But enough with the rant… This campaign has the TV component, social media component, evoking common and strong emotions (every parent has), and promoting a good deed (simple and free!), not just a product. Some brands are already a house-hold name, so they don’t need to shove their products down our throats, but just keep the brand alive in our conscious.  Colgate is a great example…

I’d like to propose a toast, to Colgate-Palmolive Australia. Their recent TV campaign promotes human kindness directly, and the product /agency indirectly. Just the way it’s oughta be… Check it out:

What I also like about this campaign in particular is that Colgate has found a way to use Social Media for their Corporate Social Responsibility, by using their own Facebook Page, designed a simple yet impactful Welcome app, with a simple message – for every smiling kid’s photo we put up, they will donate $1 to a needy kid (I assume through the Smith Family), so they can smile as well.

Using their Smile For Change slogan, I found this approach to be the most appropriate use of Social Media for Corporate Social Responsibility.   I can’t see a lot of money being poured into this campaign, but there is certainly a lot of thinking..

Which other corporates you’ve seen using Social Media for Social Good?

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  • http://waynemansfield.blogspot.com Wayne Mansfield

    I am not sure @Razchoev has got it right here. The giant consumer companies have got little residual good will and a campaign like this “smells”

    • http://www.razchorev.com Raz Chorev

      Wayne, please elaborate – what do you mean by “smells”? We all know there is a commercial decision behind every corporate activity, but as far as advertising campaign is concerned, this one at least promotes “good”, rather than promote product.

  • http://www.socialable.co.uk Lilach Bullock

    I can see how this campaign has been successful for them. It’s very happy and upbeat and the music fits very nicely.

    Would it make me convert to Colgate though….

  • Rick Elenbaas

    An example of Social Media for Social Good by a corporate company was early HoneyBees Campaign on Twitter sponsored by Haagen-Daaz Ice Cream.

    They sponsored Honey Bees for $1 per retweet (up to 1,000 retweets/per day). They still have the website running: http://www.helpthehoneybees.com/#helping

    As governments are cutting down on supporting Social Good, this is where corporate businesses will jump it. Of course, they will not give away the money without setting up a marketing campaign around it, but if the Social Good organisation benefits, why not?

  • http://twitter.com/hollingsworth Tony Hollingsworth

    Hi Raz,

    I’m still in two minds about this – something to do with:

    1) you need to allow a Facebook app to connect to your account (bit of a hassle and not sure I trust FB apps and my data)

    2) you upload a photo of your child smiling (innocent enough but many would prefer not to share photos of their kids online at all)

    Having said this it’s an interesting idea well executed. Of course I allow so many apps to connect to my FB already so my paranoia is probably unnecessary – and The Smith Family does important work.

    Promoting Social good is a great way of indirectly promoting your corporate brand so overall kudos for the organisers of this campaign and Colgate for giving it a go.

    Will they be transparent about number of photos uploaded and therefore dollars donated? I guess they don’t have to be.


  • Lynton Manuel

    Hi Raz,

    I’m with you on this one. Any time that a company is putting out a positive message and at the same time donating to a worthy charity (even if small), this can only be a good thing.

    Imagine the good that could come into our communities if more companies came up with similar ideas and Social Media has so much scope for sharing positive messages. Yes, it’s keeping that brand in people’s minds – that is how advertising works, but at the same time they are giving something back. Bonus!

    PS. Happy to put my kids smiling photos on facebook – the more smiles in the world the better I say :)



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