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Viral marketing

FootLocker going viral!

A friend of mine forwarded a message he received from VP-CFO, Footlocker APAC.

This is an interesting message, for a few reasons:

  1. Although it is direct, there is a high-level executive’s email signature at the bottom of the email.
    Why is that interesting? Because most EDM (Email Direct Marketing) campaigns will come from the company. Not from a person. If it is from a person, it will normally come from the marketing or sales department. This one is different.
  2. It actually explains how to make this email viral, and why.
  3. It contains a very compelling reason to forward the email to your friends, at all levels, and not feel bad about it – Who wouldn’t want to help their friends save on Christmas shopping?

This is the message, as I received it. If you want the discount brochure, simply say so in the comments area.

Hi Everyone:

Feel free to share with your friends, family and coworkers.

Big thanks from the Foot Locker team.
Visit us on-line at footlocker.com.au.

Happy Shopping!

Peter Gorman | VP – CFO | Foot Locker Asia Pacific
(: +61 7 3253 3006 |  6: +61 7 3253 3060 | -: pgorman@footlocker.com


Hi Everyone,


Please find attached a voucher for our friends and family event starting next Thursday 19th November.

Please forward this to all your contacts, friends, family and associates – really everyone you know, if you have their email address – they need this voucher! It is a great opportunity for them to get some Christmas shopping done early(ish)!!

All they need to do is print out the voucher, bring it to any Foot Locker store between the 19th and 22nd November and they get 30% off storewide!

To make this a success we need your help – if everyone forwards this email to at least 10 people who forward it to another 10 people to another 10 people – well you get the idea, it will make a lot of happy Foot Locker customers!

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