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Jen Harwood

Get the J-O-B you want!

The current market condition has a BIG impact on our employment rates: large corporations, government  bodies, and small companies are laying off thouthands of people, and very few are looking to get new people on their teams.

This unfortunate situation makes the competition on every vacant position fierce, and the lucky guy/girl to fill the position, is not necessarily the best one for the job!

How so?

This is a selling situation, and the person with the best sales skills, who can sell himself the best, and know the right people, will have the better chance of getting the job!

I know, this isn’t fair! it hurts! but you know what – it is what it is, and we can choose:

1. we can be ourselves, like we have always been, and hope for the best, or

2. we could learn new skills, which will increase our chances significantly to get the job we want. (and not just settle for the job we are given…)


Jen Harwood, an author, motivational speaker, and a business champion had release her new book Get the job you want, with some excellent tips on how to land the job you really want!

Here is what the author, Jen Harwood, had to say about her book:

Get the Job U want

Get the Job U want

“This book will describe how you can create the ideal job opportunities and gives you practical strategies and ideas. I share my own experiences and have proven these strategies.

Life is too short to be bumbling along taking what you can get. Your career can be shaped by YOU if you take the time to create a picture of it in your mind, and share it with others. I promise, if you follow the actions and strategies in this book, you will be inspired and informed on how to Get the Job U Want!”

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