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How about Sales 2.0 ?


How about this as a concept:

Recently we’ve been hearing a lot about Web 2.0 (two point O), which, as oppose to Web 1.0, encourages conversation and interaction, and the creation of communities. Everyone has a say, about any topic they want to comment on.

Now, this is a fantastic concept, isn’t it? On previous posts, I’ve mentioned the Shortest course on selling, which is – Ask Questions and Listen!
How about joining the two concepts:

Make sales presentation 2.0! instead of the old 1.0 one sided, lecture type beautifully designed PowerPoint presentations, let’s consider Sales 2.0 style White-Board presentation:

A list of questions, and topics of discussion, leading a two-way conversation between seller and prospect. The Seller is in control, leading the conversation topic, and the prospect have control, making sure he understand the product or service offered to him/her.

I think this is time to rethink old truths, and add the 2.0 dimension to our sales conversations.

Good bye sales presentation – Welcome the Sales Conversation – Sales 2.0!



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    so… is it already worked out? I mean the concept of Sale 2.0?



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