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How to maximise your Linkedin profile (Tip #1)

For about 3 years I’ve been an active user of Linkedin, and an active advocate…. Last week I’ve decided (with the help of the newly appointed MD for Linkedin Australia – Clifford Rosenberg), to share my knowledge, and help other people improve their careers and business using this fantastic tool.

Today, after delivering a 3 hour workshop, titled  “What is Linkedin, and Why you can’t afford to ignore it!”, I discovered another feature, I wasn’t aware of before : How to add a video presentation to your profile.

To my defense, it is not a Linkedin functionality, but a round-about way to insert a video. The video below will explain how, step by step.

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  • http://www.iggypintado.com Iggy Pintado


    Great tip. After a problem getting it to work on my Mac, it worked fine on a PC at the local internet cafe.

    Cheers, Iggy

  • http://www.changingtools.com Trevor Ambrose

    Hi Raz,

    Great to catch up last night. You are the guru at social networking. My video is working on linkedin.

    Cheers, Trevor

  • http://windmillnetworking.com Neal Schaffer

    Hey Raz,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Indeed, embedding a video in your profile is a less-known function that has been available on LinkedIn for awhile for those who figured it out.

    If you are interested, I have a bunch of LinkedIn tips on my own website, http://windmillnetworking.com, which I’d love to get your feedback on.

    In the meantime, looking forward to your future LinkedIn tips!!!


    • http://www.razchorev.com Raz Chorev

      Neal, you have a LOT of tips and tricks on your website! Great source of information. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.



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