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How would you grow your sales in a declining market?


How would you grow your sales in a declining market?

It appears to be a declining market, where consumer confidence is down, and people are spending less on everything. However, they are still spending!

If there is less money to go around and the same amount of people in the receiving end, how do we make sure the money will be spent with us?

One of my clients, a marketing and advertising agency (www.admailasp.com ), understands the concept of NEVER STOP ADVERTISING! 

Yes, marketing and advertising are expensive, salespeople are expensive, and I keep hearing the stories of salespeople being laid off, and marketing and advertising budget is being lowered to a minimum.


How can you get out of a sales slump, without your salespeople, or with no (or minimal) marketing?

Let me let you in a little secret:

Your competition is doing the same thing, which means it is the right time to invest the money into marketing and advertising NOW!

This is the time to capture your competitors’ customers, and get them to make the switch NOW!

Why is it important?

People like to be cared for in good times and bad. If you take care of your people (customers) in the bad times, they will repay you tenfold in good times, which with new acquired customers, the good times will come quicker!

Isn’t it what we all want?





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