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LinkedIn Tip #14 – Customise your homepage updates

Once you get over a certain number of connections, your home page, by default, get clogged up with your network updates – ALL of them. You’ll mainly see connection updates (“Jon is now connected to Mary, a real estate enthusiast”) , some application updates (“Lisa is leaving for Bendigo, Victoria via TripIt”), articles and other updates.

It has come to a point, that I could only see what happened in my network, every time I logged in, in the past 35-40 minutes.  Since I don’t have the time to look at my LinkedIn home page every half hour, I discovered that there’s a way to customise the information flow on the home page, so I get the most relevant and interesting information for me. This allows me to see these network updates, once a day, and not miss important updates… (Important to me, anyway).

So this is how it is done:

On the home page, there is a bar which allows you to choose what you want to see at any given point. But you knew about this, right?

LinkedIn Updates control barIf you click on More, you’ll notice this:

Customising LinkedIn Updates bar

When you choose – Customise, a Setting window will open, with a setting option that isn’t reachable otherwise:

Customising options for your LinkedIn home updatesNow choose what is important for you to see…

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