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LinkedIn Tip #16 – Skills endorsement

We all know the power of Third Party Recommendations, Testimonials and endorsements. I’m a big advocate of getting public acknowledgment of our greatness, by asking for and getting recommendations and testimonials from customers, to display on your office wall, your website (your online wall), and of course on your LinkedIn’s personal profile (being recognised for how AWESOME you are as a professional), and product/service endorsements on the LinkedIn Company page, to let prospective clients know how good the products/services are.

LinkedIn has introduced another layer of endorsements. If you are aware, there is an option to display your special skills and specialties on your profile (which you can drag and drop to the top of your profile, to make them more prominent). Now, based on your own choice of skills, your connections can endorse these skills, with a simple click of a button. Now it is not only you claiming to have these special talents. Other people, who know you and have had professional dealings with you, can vouch for these skills. This is, as you can imagine,  a lot more powerful than just blowing your own trumpet, isn’t it?

From now on, you’ll begin to notice these updates on your LinkedIn home page

Antoine has been endorsed by.

Antoine has been endorsed by…

Or something more generic, pointing out that a few of your connections have been endorsed, where you can hover over the thumbnail to see who they are:

A few of your connections have their skills endorsed

A few of your connections have their skills endorsed

This will let you know that a particular connection has been endorsed, and will give you an opportunity to endorse others.

Once you’ve clicked on the Endorse Connections link at the bottom of the update, you’ll see a choice of 4 other connections with one of their self-proclaimed skill. You can chose to endorse that particular skill, or remove that connection from the suggestion box. Removing the connection will replace them with another connection, or the same connection with another skill.

Endorse your connections' skills

Endorse your connections’ skills

You can endorse all 4, ask to see more (another 4 options will appear), or close.

Another option is now to go a specific connection’s profile, view their entire list of skills, and endorse the ones you honestly believe in.

Skills and endorsements

Skills and endorsements

Endorsing gets really easy, with just a click of a button:

endorse specific skills


Remember, if you vouch for someone’s skill as a click on Linkedin, it actually mean that you endorse this person and his/her skill IRL (in real life). Think before you do, as this decision of endorsement will reflect on you, not just on the person endorsed. It will also be visible (FOREVER) to both of your networks.



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