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Linkedin Tip #3 – How to use Tags

I thought I would give you all a heads up on the new connections function that now allows you to sort your connections by tags in up to 200 different ways!

To assign these “tags” first go to edit profile and click on your connections. You must be in edit or the view will not be the same!

  • 3 columns will appear
  • Click on manage tags and set some up such as Prospects, Auckland, Clients etc
  • Click on tag categories and your contacts pictures will appear
  • Click on your contacts name in the middle column
  • Click on edit tags in the right column and assign a tag to your connection
  • When you want to send a message to a group of people, just click on the tag title in the left column, and hit send message in the right column

Hey presto, you can now filter your connections and see a picture of them at the same time.

Remember, as you can only send a message to 50 of your connections at any one time, so try to keep each tag to no more than 50. If you go over, you will have to use the original method of sending a message.

This post was written by Linda Coles.

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  • http://www.GaryKnows.com Gary T Murphy

    Brilliant post, thanks! Been wondering about those “tags – now I know!

  • http://www.businessproductivitygenius.com Helen Crozier

    Raz I just LOVE this feature of linkedin – it’s becoming a far more useful tool now. Thanks for the ‘how to’ here.



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