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Linkedin tip #4 – Etiquette

As Linkedin becoming more and more popular, and many more people joining every day (latest stat – 1,000,000 new subscribers every 12 days!), it is time to talk about what is acceptable, and what isn’t, when using this networking tool.


  • use the standard linkedin invitation to connect, unless you’ve discussed this with the invitee prior to sending, and they know you well. Personalize your invitation, tell the person why you’d like to connect, and also indicate your existing relationship (choose from the menu of options)
  • tell me you’re my “friend”, unless of course, you are. If we had no prior interaction, you’d need to explain to me why I should accept you to my network.
  • spam! Even if I’m in your network, I haven’t opted in to get your newsletter. If I invite you to my wedding, you won’t go around handing out your brochures, would you?
  • advertise on group discussions. There is a time and place for everything. Group discussions are a great way to share information, show your expertise, and get feedback. Nothing else!


  • …have a complete and attractive profile. If you’re sending out invitations, I want to be proud to have you in my network (so I can refer you to others in my network).
  • have a professional head shot. I want to SEE who I’m dealing with.
  • …participate in discussions. It will add a lot of credibility, and will attract people to your profile, to learn more about you.
  • give people a reason to contact you. If you participate in discussions, ask and answer questions (especially answer!), people will be drawn to hear more from you.
  • advertise your blog. When you share useful information (not bluntly advertising your services), people will buy from you. Trust me – it does work!

Like in any other network, offline or online – learn the do’s and don’t’s , what is acceptable and recommended, and what isn’t. As a rule of thumb give more then you ask for. OVER TIME, it will pay.

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  • http://www.iggypintado.com Iggy Pintado


    Great post and good tips for Linkedin users. Thanks for sharing as usual! It all comes down to the 4 P’s on Online Networking that I speak widely about – PURPOSE, PROFILE, PARTICIPATION and PERSISTENCE.

    Here’s what I posted on this subject back in October 2008! http://connecthoughts.blogspot.com/2008/10/4-ps-of-online-networking.html

    Cheers, Iggy

  • Marcus Higgins

    thanks !! very helpful post!

  • Maxie Gormont

    Thank you for writing such an appealing post. Thanks again and I’ll be back for more.

  • Rod Cohen

    Very insightful, I look forward to more.

  • http://thinksync.com.au Kelsey Brookes

    I agree almost 100%.

    As mentioned in our Twitter discussion, I do think there’s a place for using ‘friend’ as an option. There’s currently not a ‘I know this person via a social network’ option, which is just as valid a connection type as any other.

    Fortunately, your very first point deals with this – we can personalise our connection request messages. Provided it’s clearly stated and I’m aware of the person via my social networking channels, I’m ok with new contacts using ‘friend’ as a de-facto social media option.

    I know you suggested that purchasing a premium LinkedIn subscription and using an InMail would be a more appropriate method, but I can’t entirely agree.

    I use Social Media almost exclusively for business purposes – it vastly outweighs my personal use. I’ve made excellent professional contacts via this medium and have worked with people that I’ve connected with in this manner.

    So surely it’s now just as legitimate a professional arena as any other listed by LinkedIn?

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