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Linkedin Tip #6 – Status Updates

Linkedin has gone a step further, and improved the Status Update feature they had for the last 2 years (Feb 08). Status update is used to inform your network about exciting things that happen in your professional life, sort of “news update” – new achievements, accomplishments, etc. Different people use it in different ways:

* To promote their blogs

* New products offering

* etc…

The Status update feature, allows you to be and stay “top of mind” with your network, in addition to the other features, which Linkedin is updating your network automatically with:

* New Connections

* New position or job

* Group activity

* and of course – the 3rd party Apps available.

A few days ago Linkedin has expanded the functionality of the Status Update feature, which now allows you to include news articles  and other links. It also allows you to control the distribution of these updates – to your connections, to certain groups or specific individuals!

This short video shows you how:

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  • http://www.melkettle.com.au Mel Kettle

    Status updates are a GREAT feature – I especially like how summaries are sent to those you are LinkedIn with – it’s a very underused feature by many, which is a shame as it’s resulted in a few good leads for me.



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