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The Executive ConnectionStallion Group
Black Dog InstituteRiding4aCause
Mortgage & Finance Association of AustraliaBusiness Coaching Center - ActionCOACH
BizCover - Online Business Insurance MarketplaceMega Capital
Brand QuestTaurus Marketing
Management Consultancy InternationalHealth Staff Solutions - Recruitment
McKenzie Consulting - Recruitment GroupSoho Projects - Construction
Trak RecruitingSandler Training Institute
Mortgage ChoiceStore-a-Box
Horizons Unlimited - Executive CoachingWayne's World
T+O+M RecruitmentDesign Street
Conference Call - Events ManagementBusiness Today Simulations

Some of my clients say: 

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“We engaged Raz to redesign and project manage the re-development of the Stallion Group of Companies new Website. Raz surpassed our expectations in presenting us with a fantastic new website that has achieved great results on SEO…The results are outstanding and are a showcase for all to see. I can HIGHLY recommend Raz.  June 24, 2011 Howard Klevansky

“Raz was brought in to train our staff on using LinkedIn as a Marketing and Business Development tool. He is highly knowledgeable of his subject matter and gave us practical and useful ways to apply what he had taught us. I would highly recommend Raz to other organisations who are looking to gain a greater insight into what LinkedIn can offer.” June 28, 2011 Brian May,

“My company, DesignStreet, hired Raz to educate our team on the world of social media and networking and how we can use it to market our skills to the wider community. Raz helped consolidate what we wanted to achieve and how to fully tap into the potential of building relationships within LinkedIn, and how to utilise other social media platforms. I got so much out of the two sessions we did with Raz. He is personable, an expert in his field and really dug deep into every layer we needed to explore. I would recommend Raz to any company that wants to raise their profile in this area.”
February 25, 2011 Petrea Doyle,

“Raz has dragged me from the past to the present with his knowledge and experience in the complex field of social and business profile building. It is early days and I am starting to get a handle on all the new ways to get in front of people and building a profile. He is consistent, does what he says and recommends a number of different options and solutions. I love working with him and would recommend him strongly.” April 27, 2009 Simon Harris,

“Not only is Raz a very personable, intelligent and likeable person – he is also a very astute adviser on personal branding and marketing. We have engaged Raz to implement his me.com program to grow our exposure and personal branding through social networking. This has been a very powerful and enjoyable process. I look forward to working further with Raz to fully capitalize on the power of social networking. Please feel free to contact me should you require a testimonial.” May 10, 2009 Howard Amoils

“Raz created the opportunity for me to have a breakthrough in my strategic thinking and therefore I am eager to implement on the thinking or more importantly take action behind the breakthrough. Thanks again Raz. ” July 9, 2009 Ryan Cousins

“Raz heart lies in helping others. He’s the go to guy for all things social media…as he ‘gets’ how it can be true and authentic channel to delivering businesses and individuals more customers. Raz’s easy manner and passion is great to be around. If you’re looking for a quiet achiever then he’s your man.” May 15, 2009 Tim Reid

….and many more, all available on Linkedin, with links to their profiles.

I can help you too – if you let me….

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