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Never p*ss off a musician!

When creative people are your customers, it pays to take extra care, and not piss them off. Creative people can, and will, use their creativity to their advantage. Dave Carroll flew with United Airlines, which happened to break his guitar. It happened. It shouldn’t, but when humans are involved, and heavy aircrafts and machinery involved, accidents happen. Someone once told me that “I cannot change what has happened, only the way I react to it. ” In UA case, they didn’t take the right approach, when reacting to what has happened. They gave him the run-around, and didn’t want to fix or pay for his broken guitar. A business decision.

What happened next was unexpected, but damaging UA’s brand and reputation, in a viral sense.

More than 8.5 Million views of this clip, and countless comments (not supporting United), has created irreparable damage to United’s reputation.

Next time your customer complains, how would you handle it??

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