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Online presence – There is Life after Death…

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What would happen to our online presence, after we pass away?

I’ve been a big advocate of creating an effective online presence, to help you succeed in this world. Still am.

Recently I came across a discussion  –

what would happen to all our stuff online, after we die?

Part of the reason this discussion is important,  is the Internet provides a place for people to express thoughts and feelings as they grieve a loss. Your social networking profile could become a spot where your friends and family can share memories of you. People who might not otherwise hear of your passing may learn of it through your profile page.

On the other hand, Mean-spirited people — called trolls in the online world — might take the opportunity to leave insulting or inflammatory comments on your page just to stir up trouble. Who guards your profile after you’re gone? Can someone request access to your accounts to act as custodian to your online presence?

different networking sites will handle it differently, yet there are ways to be prepared:

One thing you can do is designate someone to be in charge of your online accounts after you die. You’ll need to create a list of your user names and passwords and put it in a safe place. A few companies will store that information for you, usually for a fee.

You don’t have to rely on a third party if you prefer to maintain your own list of login information. In fact, there are several ways to encrypt your data, and you could give the decryption key to people you trust. You could also designate an executor to your online property in your will.

There a few issues to be dealt with, such as “can I retrieve a message sent to someone who passed away”, or “who owns my information after my death”, which the social networking sites have yet to address.

As more and more people use Social Networking to share photos, videos and documents, these questions are becoming more and more relevant.

Does that worry you?

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  • Isaac Speich

    go figure >_>

  • http://www.beautyitems.com/salons/ Excellent. Thanks so much for the post. -Kate

    Excellent. Thanks so much for the post. -Kate

  • Jessie Mccolm

    appealing little title, LOL



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