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Planning 2010 before it starts…

Setting goals, New Year resolutions, promises, promises. yeah right!

Most of us will re-join the gym, for 4 weeks (at the most), quit smoking (1 week), go on healthy diet ( could last… I don’t know… 2 weeks??) and make all sort of “commitments” which will be forgotten by 1st of Feb.

But we want to change, don’t we? we want to make a difference, to develop ourselves, to become better people, healthier, friendlier, more successful, less stressed, spend more time with the kids, exercise more, take more time out…….

Saying these things will make us feel better. Without a doubt. For a coupla weeks – at least! But then – “life” interferes with our plans, and we’re going back to our comfort zone, and forget about the great plans we made for the new year.

This time, I want it to be different. I want to look back on 2010 and proudly say – ” I MADE A DIFFERENCE” . I’m gonna work at it, and make sure my commitments are kept, and to the highest standard! 2010 will be the Year Of Change.

I have gone beyond just preparing a list of goals, which I’ll stick on my shaving cupboard.  I’ve prepared a document ( it is not full yet, but I’m working on it), and I’d like to share it with you. Wishing you a Happy New Year wouldn’t be enough for me. I want to give you a tool to make it happen.

Click on the image below, download and print it, and take a couple of hours to sit, by yourself, and work through it. Think about it – two hours of your time now, will make a great difference, this time next year. Don’t hesitate: Just Do it!

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  • http://www.socialalchemy.com.au(underdevelopment) Matt Jones

    Great help Raz!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Looking forward to working together in 2010.
    Best wishes for a happy New Year!

  • http://www.broadcastbuilder.com.au Kathleen

    Thanks Raz.
    I have printed the planner. It’s packed and ready to come away for Christmas with me.

    It looks really helpful.
    Well done. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Diana

    Thank you!
    It’s great! Seems like very useful!

  • Michal

    Thanks Raz!!
    This IS great!! How do you enjoy the holidays?? Have you been here already? Did I miss you?
    Have a fabulous 2010!!



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