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Sales trainer who’s walking the walk – Jack Daly

Jack Daly is my inspiration! On April 2007 I’ve attended his sales workshop,

Jack Daly & Raz Chorev

8 hours of WORK, and a bit of play. Jack is no ordinary sales trainer (and I’ve seen a few). He is all about building long lasting relationships, getting to know your clients, and be attentive to their needs – forget yours! He’s not only “Talking the talk”. He is really Walking the Walk. Zig Ziglar once said – “You can get everything in life you want, if you help enough other people get what they want”. Jack is a living proof of that. Although unintentional on his behalf, Jack inspired me to act, and follow my passion. I’ve started Continuity Programs Australia Thanks to his assistance. Jack was very approachable, and responsive (not because he has too much time on his hands- his schedule is fully booked 9-12 months ahead. He told me this morning that he will spend 100 days at his home residence this year). After his presentation I’ve sent me an email, inquiring about a concept he talked about. Jack made the connection between myself and Dave Epps, then the President of Continuity Programs, Inc. Since then, Jack and I kept in email contact, sharing contacts and ideas, and we’ve built a relationship. This picture, was taken this morning at his hotel in Sydney, after we had finished breakfast. Jack’s tag line is : “If your sales people think they know sales, they don’t know Jack”. I believe that. To get to know Jack, and book him for your next sales training session (if you can plan that much ahead) go to www.professionalsalescoach.net or www.jackdaly.net To see Jacks’ presentation style, watch the 4 minute video on www.continuityprograms.com.au

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