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Talking to influencers -how to get the ball rolling?

Interestingly enough, after my last post about the Apple Marketing strategy, I had experienced a great viral marketing campaign myself. Seth Godin frequently talks about talking to influencers,  people who are in position to influence other people to buy or try a new product or service.

I was chosen, (I’d like to believe) to be an influencer for an online business cards printer. I have purchased from them before, more than once, and was very happy with their service. Quick, efficient, and great value for money.

A few days ago, I got an email, introducing a special (limited) offer, to try out their new business cards idea (www.squizcards.com) . The offer was to try ’em for free (no hidden costs – S&H included).

I used the link, and the special code, and designed my own business card, on a user friendly, and well designed website. Took me minutes, and within 5 working days I had them in my post box!

Now this is how it works –

The company found  me, a person who like to share, and know people. From previous business cards I ordered, they knew I’m in marketing – BINGO!

All they had to do, is to send me a FREE sample of their new product, and let me market it for them FOR FREE as well!

Well, not really for free. Might have cost them $15  – including S&H. They knew I will tell hundreds of people, who are likely to buy from them (this is what I’m doing now :).

BTW, at the back of the business card, there is a logo and url. Very subtle, and non intrusive, yet very effective advertising.



Could you think of a viral marketing activity to use in your business? Please share it with me.

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  • http://onehourmarketingcoach.com Karri Flatla

    I want that key chain :)

    I do feel compelled to point out (perhaps the obvious) that when you sell a physical product, engaging influencers is less intimidating because you immediately appear generous and un-salesly by offering what is conventionally known as a “free gift.” i.e. It’s not too difficult to make the offer a welcomed, non-intrusive transaction.

    That said, for those who sell services, there are definitely ways to give influencers a taste of the good stuff. You just have to be a little more creative. For example, interview an influencer and put that into a white paper or even audio format. Be sure to spark discussion around a very specific topic as it relates to your expertise.

    That could get interesting if you’re brave enough to ask tough, thought provoking questions.


  • http://www.squizcards.com Ben Hamey

    Thanks Raz!

    We really appreciate you taking the time to grab some Squiz Cards and share the experience with your readers.

    We think they are a great product so getting them into people’s hands is a #1 priority, even if that does cost us in the short term.

    Your support is highly valued!

    Squiz Cards Team

  • http://SassySEO.com kristin rohan

    Hey Raz!

    Great post about SquizCards.com. I had an excellent experience as well. It’s so great to read a positive review – I will tell everyone how wonderful they are – and what a help Michael was.

    I was nervous about just sending an email with a question – thinking it would be days until I heard from someone. They contacted me w/in the hour – AWESOME!

    Cheers & best,
    kristin rohan

  • http://SassySEO Kristin Rohan

    Hi Raz – I’d love to get some squiz cards for myself now! Cheers!

  • http://tonyhollingsworth.wordpress.com Tony Hollingsworth

    Sure Raz, those cards look catchy to say the least. Would love to try them out. Bring them to #nscm tomorrow?



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