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Being “persistantly Consistent”

I found this fascinating quote today:

If someone reads your biography, sees your photo, visits your website, and then comments on your blog; will they get a surprise when they meet you, or will they know what to expect!

The Chief Brand Officer, Jan 2009

Luke Harvey-Palmer, reminds us of the importance of being “Persistently Consistent”.

People like us for a reason: we have certain traits and characteristics that appeal to certain people, and allow us to connect with them, on variety of levels. If we suddenly change our behavior, the people close to us will definitly notice, and most likely to let us know they have, in one way or another.

As we grow older, and have some life experience, we tend to change our views, and sometimes our behavior toward certain issues.

It is important though, to remain true to our core beliefs, and have relatively consistent behavior. It is good to keep an open mind, and if something doesn’t work, we can change it. Some people may call it “flexibility“.
I don’t. I believe that to be flexible, you still have to have a “core” which is somewhat rigid.

If we are too rigid – we’ll break.

Too “flexible” – we may considered “spineless”.

The same applies to our Online Brand. The image we create online, should be consistent with who we really are, so when people meet us (because of our fantastic ability to “market” ourselves online), they will get exactly the same person. In other words, we have to manage their expectations.

The above might require a bit of thinking.

IT’S OKAY! Don’t be afraid !(not too much though) :)

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