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I found this fascinating quote today:

The highlight has definitely been the pulling together of a super team to make the RE:THINK concept a reality.  RE:THINK is all about challenging people to RE:THINK their attitude, their brand and their future as we head into uncertain times.

Guys like Raz Chorev, Richard Sauerman and Andrew Roberts have been completely committed to making RE:THINK a success…and what a story it is!

  • Most of us met on LinkedIn or through mutual contacts (the power fo the online brand and the connected brand!)
  • We all have a passion for our material and the message that RE:THINK is spreading
  • We have created a business from nothing in less than one month
  • We are having a heap of fun doing it, and will be taking the concept around Australia and overseas in the New Year!

The Chief Brand Officer…

You should read the whole article.

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