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The Five Laws of Self Renewal.

Most of us have heard about Rhonda Byrne’s top selling book, DVD and audio programs The Secret, which reveals to us the “secret” Laws of the universe, and in particular: the law of attraction.
The law of attraction says: if you really believe you can be, have or do something, you’ll create (Attract) the circumstances to allow you to be, have or do.
Rhonda and her team of quantum physicists, business coaches, self development gurus and others bring to us in a very powerful way the power of our subconscious mind.

The Law of attraction is one of the five laws of self renewal, or the laws of the universe. These laws are not new, or recently discovered. They’ve been known for thousands of years, with roots in all religions & ancient history. They’ve passed on from father to son, from scholars to their students. I can understand why the Law of attraction was picked to be published, out of the five: it is the easiest one to comprehend, and master. It is something you can do, if you put your mind to it.

However, there are other factors which contribute to ones success or failure in life! There are 4 other laws, we shouldn’t ignore:

Success comes from doing what we know we should be doing, when we should be doing it, whether we want to or not. Conflict comes from doing what we know we should not be doing.

Nike came up with the slogan: Just Do It! For many, it is only a slogan; There is a lot of power behind this slogan:
When you think about it, how disciplined are you? Do you do the things you need to do, when they need to be done?
You come to the office, an hour late, and listen to the messages. One of your customers is not happy about something, and really need to talk to you. He is the last person on earth you’d like to be talking now, because you know he’ll be chewing you ear for half an hour, and you really don’t want to listen to him. On the other hand, you know it is the right thing to do to call him back then and there, otherwise you will forget which will accelerate the issue even more. What do you do? Do you call back?
Think about simpler situations: getting the dry washing off the line, when you’ve just landed on the couch to relax in front of the TV, and you hear the rain drops on the window.
Or more complex situation: leave a job you really hate; or get out of a messy relationship…
The law of action comes to end the thought process: Just Do it! Stop pondering, weighing up your options, and procrastinating – get up and do it!
When you lie in your bed, 6:00am, and you know you should be at your gym, but it is raining, and cold outside, and so comfortable under the blanket. You probably think that “it is only one day – tomorrow I’ll definitely go!” and you let yourself go. You know you should Just Do It!

You are responsible for the outcomes you experience.

How’s this for a concept? You are responsible for EVERYTHING that happens to you – no one else!
Now slowly, think about this.
A. your mobile phone switches itself off in a middle of important conversation. Who do you blame? The phone manufacturer? The battery? The shop assistant where you purchased the phone from, or do you take responsibility for not charging the phone the night before (but it had 3 lines!!)

B. when you rear-end someone on the road, do you blame them for braking too short, or do you take responsibility for not keeping a safe distance?
You see, it is so easy and natural to blame others, even for your own mistakes, but this isn’t right .
You should accept responsibility for everything that happens to you. Based on what we’ll discuss in the law of attraction, you are creating your own reality. Assume responsibility!

If you really believe you can be, have, or do something, you will create the circumstances and find the people to allow you to be, have or do.

The subconscious mind determines your direction in your pursuit of your goals consistent with our deepest beliefs and thoughts input by your conscious mind. . The Law of attraction can be demonstrated with the power of visualization, which is something anyone can do:
True story:
I was in my car, listening to The Secret Audio program, and one of the speakers was talking about the power of visualization: how we can visualize anything we want to happen, and it will materialise in the exact (or very close to) way we visualised it. Sounds unbelievable, right? I’ve decided there and then, to try it out.
As I’ve mentioned, I was in my car, on my way from a meeting, back to the office. It was late and I was tired and hungry, toward the end of the day. The last thing I wanted was a delay on the road. I sat there, in my car, with my eyes closed, visualizing the way back to the office, following the roads, the turns, imagining no other cars on the roads, and most importantly, a smooth run of green lights! Imagine: Sydney, after 4:00pm, going from one place to another, with no cars on the roads, and green lights all the way….

You know what? It worked! I don’t know how, maybe I got lucky, but against all the odds, I got what I wished for.

It could have been the other way around: I could have sat there, imagining the worst, how I’m stuck in traffic for hours, hitting every red light, then a flat tyre, and my mobile phone’s battery dying on me, when I need it the most, and you know – it would have happened! This is a self fulfilling prophecy!

Another example: I left Sydney one morning, by car to see a potential customer in rural NSW.
It is a long drive, 4 hours of nothing to see, just me, the open road and my own thoughts. The night before, I was reading Mind Power, by John Kehoe. In his book John Kehoe gives some tips to help visualize things, including feeling the desired feeling, when the desired outcome is fulfilled.
As I was going to see a potential customer, I’ve started visualising the meeting, the presentation, where we’re going to sit, how the conversation will flow, and eventually him signing an agreement, which I’ve prepar
ed beforehand. I also FELT the exhilaration of the closed deal, and shouted out the window: YEEPEEA several times (no one else was on the road, I made sure of that!)

To my astonishment – it worked! I met with the prospect for an hour, conversation flowed easily, some easily answered questions, and bang – we put pen to paper, and we had an agreement. When I left the appointment, I waited patiently for the open road, to shout YEEPEEA again, and it was the same feeling I imagined, but this time for real!!!

Your life is a direct result of your expectations for it.

Focused, positive expectations will create focused, positive results. From my experience, I have noticed that many of us are just too wimpy with our expectations of what we want. For most of us, we just take what is handed out.
Knowing you have what you want is the fastest way to experience what you desire. An expectation is confirmation of what you want. In other words, if you want a brand new, red, BMW 650i convertible, why would you expect anything less? You expect to get the car that you want – and if you expected something less, why not ask for something less?

I believe for many of us expectation is arrogant, demanding, and impolite, especially to us Australians who apologize to chairs for bumping into them. Because of the influence of religious belief into the uncivilized world, making demands of a vengeful, jealous, and demanding God would surely put us in poor favour with him. So we have been taught not to ask, and to be satisfied with what we’ve got.

My 3 year old son came home one day from his day-care, exclaiming he hates his teachers! All of them! After a short interrogation, I discovered why: at morning tea, the teachers give each child a bowl for their fruit. My son was given a green bowl, and he HATES green. When he complained, he was told: “you get what you get, and that’s what you get!”
We, as adults, regard this statement as true! Kids won’t. Kids want things, all the time. And they don’t settle for less, or almost. When a child is “on a mission”, they most likely to get what they want. We should be a little childish in that sense. We’ll get a lot more out of life, and we’ll have less regrets. Our life is not a test run. This is it. Whatever we learn now in our lifetime, we won’t be able to implement later on. It is now or never.
The ability to use these laws comes from the power to overcome what you have been taught all your life with uncompromising clarity in the knowledge that you are the power you are looking for.

Expect that you will always experience what you desire. Be bold and stand up to the universe as one that is part of it and demand nothing less than what you want. The universe is impartial and emotionless – by the law of attraction and expectation, it has no choice but to give you what you want. No one or no things is going to get mad at you because you want something – no matter what it is.
Please beware of your expectations. Our expectations are formed on the foundation of our existing beliefs. Have you ever uttered statements like these?

I just can’t get ahead!
I’m so sick of struggling.
Everything always goes wrong for me.
If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.
This is too good to be true, something’s going to go wrong.

Words like these are actually self-fulfilling prophesies. You are, in effect, placing your order with the universe at the moment you begin feeling the feelings behind the words (yes, even before you SPEAK the words!). You attracted it. The universe doesn’t care what words you use, it pays attention to the signal you’re sending out. That signal is formed by your beliefs and expectations and the Law of Attraction works on it.

So how do we change our expectations? Is it possible? Absolutely!

One of the most powerful things you can begin doing is consciously expecting the best. Throughout the course of your day, take a few moments to pause and expect something wonderful. Say to yourself, “Today is going to be a great day!” Try to find the positive expectation in every experience. Positive expectations linked and attracted the other positive things like positive feelings and positive attitude. Then your life could be more positive. If your boss asks to speak with you privately, rather than expecting him to reprimand or fire you, expect him to praise you and give you a pay raise! Rather than expecting to see bills in your mailbox when you get home, expect to see a check.

You have to feel good. The more you can keep this feeling of happy expectation in your heart, the more often you will see results that directly mirror your expectations. There is nothing to lose if we are applying the Law of attraction.

A belief is the guiding factor, principle, passion or faith that provides direction for life.
Our belief system will cause us to act in accordance with the belief, whether it is reality or not.
Our motivation and how we act is determined by our underlying beliefs. If we don’t believe that something is possible, we won’t even try to make it happen.

People are motivated by desire. There is no such thing as an unmotivated person. We are all motivated, just by different things. We are motivated by our own set of beliefs, what we believe to be the TRUTH.

Let me give you an example:
Lets take a standard deck of playing cards, 52 cards in a pack. We know that in this deck there are 4 aces. In every deck of cards we’ll find 4 aces.

Now, you’ll need to find these 4 aces. That’s easy, you say, and start flipping the deck of cards over to find these 4 aces. You will flip every single card until you find all 4. The reason you’ll do it, is because you believe there are 4 aces in the deck, and you are determined to find them.
Let’s take a step further, and test you belief:
I’ve put the aces right at the bottom of the deck, without you knowing. Will you go through 48 cards to find these aces – I’m sure you will. Although you’ll not find an ace until you get to the 49th card, you KNOW they are there, and there will be reward to your effort.

Now, let’s complicate matters. You’re in a group of people, and I’ve given everyone in the group the same task. You hear, a faint voice from the back of the room, saying that she thinks someone had their aces removed from the deck. Will that put a doubt in your mind, about your ability to find the aces?

What if that voice said she KNOWS someone had their aces removed?

What if the voice points at you, as the one with the aces removed. Would that reflect on your efforts?
It most likely will. We are guided by our own set of beliefs, however our belief system is easily manipulated by others, which we believe to be authoritative, or knowledgeable, or more experienced than us, or just sound convincing.

We are limiting ourselves and our true potential with our beliefs. If you say to yourself: I couldn’t earn more than $100k per annum, you won’t desire a Million! You might fantasize about a million dollar home, salary, or a car, but you won’t desire it, as you believe it couldn’t be true.
You have limited yourself to $100K a year, and that’s that!

When you ask people how much they want to earn, which house they want to live in, what car they’d like to drive, they’ll reply in two ways:

1.They’ll tell you what they think you want to hear: I want to earn $500,000 per annum, live in a beach-front property, and drive a Ferrari, but they don’t actually believe it could be true.

2.If they are honest with you, and tell you what’s in their mind, they’ll base their answer on their own history, their past. They will put a margin (realistic in their eyes) on what they have at this very moment, compare with their gradual improvement over the years, and state that as their ambition. The reality is, they’ve: limited their own growth by their set of beliefs; they’ve tempered with their motivation, as they are motivated to their nominated number.

These laws aren’t new. They’ve been around since the beginning of time. Not many people are aware, or open to accept these laws. These laws aren’t easy to comprehend, let alone implement. If you want to succeed though, you must understand and accept these laws. It will put your success on the fast lane.

If you remember what you just read, stick by these laws and believe in them and in yourself – I guarantee you will succeed.

Inspired by Jack Daly

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