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Twitter and Linkedin – one way communication

LinkedIn (or was it twitter??) have decided to spare us the (mostly) irrelevant pieces of content brought to us from our tweeting connections.
I’ve always looked at twitter as a place to share valuable links, start conversations, acknowledge nice “social behaviour” etc. The sheer volume of tweets is staggering, about 250,000,000 per day. Twitter also have a special language, including #HashTags, abbreviations, obscure links (shortened) and many obscure users.

All of the above has very little in common with a professional network space such as LinkedIn. On too many occasions I’ve come across twitter conversations, statements, Foursquare Checkins and just irrelevant comments which filled up my LinkedIn home page. I’ve used the LinkedIn update filters to the best of my ability, but some of them still came through. That was annoying, and took away from the LinkedIn experience I was anticipating.

To remove any doubt, you can still tick “Share on Twitter” box underneath the LinkedIn Status update box, and share your LinkedIn updates to your Twitter followers. What has changed, is that you can’t automatically link your tweets (including foursquare checkins) to appear as your LinkedIn  status. YAY!!

Tony Hollingsworth wrote an interesting post about the cross posting subject about 3 years ago. The concept still stands:

Be Selective with the content you’re sharing. Make sure  it matches the audience and the platform you’re sharing on.

Your thoughts?


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  • http://unplugd.com/DogBox Samps Okholm

    Without getting into the whole redundancy, repetitiveness and noise on the web discussion, I’d just like to mention that you CAN recreate the “auto-update LinkedIn status when tweeting” functionality, using IFTTT (if-this-then-that), a web-held utility that performs actions on various sites depending on triggers from other sites or applications.
    A recipe for autt-updating LinkedIN status is shared here:

    • http://www.razchorev.com Raz Chorev

      Without getting into a technical debate, it’s not really about the technical possibility of cross-posting between networks. Both twitter and LinkedIn have realised it is not the right thing to do, and posting tweets automatically onto the LinkedIn platform annoys LinkedIn users, and decided to stop it.



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