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Twitter Monitoring – is it good for business?

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Last night, quite late (11pm, Australia time), I stumbled upon a tweet from @aussieBum (Australian swimwear and underwear company)

we want to know what you think/want from/like/dislike about aB on the twitterverse? so spill.

I was one of the ones to reply:

@aussieBum Don’t appreciate your 3:1 follower / following ratio – not #web2.0

Within minutes, @aussieBum replied to me, with a follow, and question – “any better =)?”

Of course it is better!

First, someone representing the company (as far as I’m concerned – it is the company) is interested in their audience. That’s good. They even say it 😉

@rrjma ouch! We do try to respond to lots of people, so you should bother. we read each and every one! =)

It would have been impressive enough, to have this kind of response during work hours (a bit before, and a bit later…). It is absolutely Fan-bloody-tastic to have a dedicated team 24/7! Digging a bit further, I found the “tweeter” is someone from the UK, who’s doing the after-hours shift. What a great initiative.

So simple; So efficient! and probably very cheap (cheaper than local team being paid for overtime 😉 )

Do  you monitor the twitterverse? how?

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  • http://www.aussiebum.com aussieBum

    Raz, very flattered and chuffed about using us an example. Thank you so much. We do find it very useful to have someone in UK who looks after twitter when Australia is asleep, cause a lot of our customers are based in Europe/US and they would miss a lot of our tweets otherwise!

  • http://www.globalguysgear.com Steven Cross

    Yes indeed.. we have found its invaluable to monitor it.. we use Hootsuite and it shows all the mentions and direct messages.. We also jump onto tweets almost as soon as they appear.. Great story thanks :)

  • http://www.magnoliasolutions.wordpress.com nancy

    Thanks Raz!!
    This IS customer service as it should be.
    If companies choose to be in the online conversation then they need to interact.
    They should follow ALL followers (who are not spammers of course) at the least.
    They also only sell online so this is their hood!
    when are they doing something for the girls??



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