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Why are you making it hard to buy from you?

Having an E-Commerce website, can boost your sales while you sleep. This is pretty simple concept, isn’t it? You give your website visitors the opportunity NOT to talk to you, and buy online. They are already ready to purchase, they have the money, they need your product, and they want it now. All they need to do, is fill in the purchase order, or click the ACCEPT/BUY NOW button, and it is money in your pocket!

If you understand this concept, please explain to me why an insurance GIANT like GIO (subsidiary of Suncorp)- Don’t!

About a year ago, I went on their website, to buy my CTP insurance for my motorbike. The

Dont buy from me!

Don't buy from me!

reason – the MAA website had me answer a short questionnaire, and produced 6-7 quotes from different insurance companies. CTP insurance is a commodity nowadays (as far as I know), so I chose the cheapest- GIO. it was already quoted at $423 on MAA website. I was happy with that, and ready to buy.

I followed the link on the MAA site, to GIO’s quoting platform, which told me it can only quote for cars, not motorbikes and other vehicles. THEY’VE ALREADY QUOTED ON THE MAA SITE!! I just want to buy!

Instead of quoting online, GIO suggests a call to their call center to obtain the quote. I out-smarted them, and send an website inquiry to their CTP insurance sales department, giving them the MAA short questionnaire results. I opted for email correspondence as my preferred method of contact.

This is what happened:

1. 9:20am, the next morning, I get a PHONE CALL (I opted for email!) from Sean from GIO insurance, wanting to quote.

2. Great! that’s quick.

3. Sean said it would be a lot quicker if  he asked me a couple of questions, to enable him to quote. Fine.

4. Then Sean asked me all the questions I already answered in my web inquiry. I told him that. he agreed.

5. I asked Sean to send me the quote by email. He said – “I’ll give you the reference number”. I said: “No, please email me the quote”. He said: “OK”, and gave me the total – $423.21.
I already KNEW how much it is – I just wanted to buy! why make it so difficult to buy from you!

This was, as I mentioned before, about a year ago. Recently I was on the lookout for a new office, and have been considering a serviced office, in Sydney CBD.  a quick Google Search, and I found several providers. I clicked on the first result which looked like what I was looking for, and was redirected to their website. Regus is one of the largest operators in the world, in that area, so when it stated on the website “Quote in less than 30 minutes”, I gladly filled in the form.

Admittedly- it was a Sunday afternoon. I wasn’t expecting a contact until Monday, even though it clearly said “Quote in less than 30 minutes”. The next day, in the afternoon (24 hours later), I receive an email from their representative:

Subject line: Test


Sender – Marvin

Nothing else.

A few minutes later, I receive a phone call. It’s Marvin on the phone. All I asked was a quote. I wanted to know, how much approximately it would cost to rent an office space for 1 person, 1 desk and a filing cabinet in the city. Doesn’t need to be exact, but I wanted a range.

Instead, I was told it’s more complicated than that. I had to choose one of their 8 buildings in Sydney CBD, find a space I liked, and then they’ll give me a price for that particular space – “What happened to the quote in under 30 minutes?” I asked Marvin. He replied: “It just doesn’t work that way. Would you like me to send you a brochure?” I said:” Don’t waste your time, it ain’t gonna happen – I’m not going around town to choose an office space now.” He said: “OK”, and that was it.

Today, I received an email from Marvin, as if nothing has happened, with a brochure! Marvin was “delighted” to show me his brochure. Still no pricing. *Grrrrrrrr*

Following my request???

BTW, I specifically asked him to leave me alone, and not to contact me again. It wasn’t in a “roundabout” way. It was straight forward. Yet I still received his email. So I replied: ” please don’t contact me again!” (the message came back “undeliverable” – oh, the frustration!)



How F ‘ ing difficult is it? Read the inquiry, do the bloody quote, and email it to me! Save us all time, money and aggravation.

Points to take away:

1. If you have an E-Commerce website – you don’t need people to annoy your prospects, and prevent them from becoming clients.

2. If you have people to compensate for your inadequate e-commerce capabilities – teach them to read, and understand the web inquiries – with the clients’ preference in mind.

3. This is the hardest one for most companies – have engaged employees. Sean was constantly apologizing for his typos, explaining how close the weekend is. I don’t really care, Sean. Just do your job – you’re representing you company – everything you say reflects on them. make sure it is the right reflection!

4. You’ve worked hard to get people to your website. You’ve included a “call to action” which actually works. Make sure there is an adequette follow up process, so you can actually make the sale.


Don’t wave the carrot in my face. I want it. PLEASE let me buy!

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