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YAY – I’m an author!

I’ve been an advocate of Linkedin, and an avid user for over 3 years, when Linkedin had about 20 million users (now over 65M), and only about 200k Australians registered (now about 1.5M). I found tremendous value in Linkedin – reconnected with old friends and colleagues, and finding new ones. It is a fantastic platform for showcasing my own career, and learning about my contacts’ career. I’ve found quite a few clients, by directly approaching them, being introduced to them, or just being found!

I’ve created and managed (and still am) groups, learned from participants, put my 2c worth… and just enjoyed the conversations.

Linkedin has been very good to me, in so many ways, so I decided to share some of my experiences in this ebook, to help you and other people you know, to get the most out of Linkedin yourself!

Go to my Linkedin eBook page, and get your copy. If you’ve had your share of experiences with Linkedin, please come back to this post, and share with me.

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  • http://www.magnoliasolutions.com.au Nancy Georges

    yay!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait to get it! :-)



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